Yoga @ Full Circle Fitness
               Are You Looking to:

Gain Strength?
Improve Your Flexibility& Mobility?
Reduce Stress?
Have Better Balance & Stability?
Lose Weight?
Correct Your Posture? 
Feel Better?
Enhance Your Overall Health & Well-being?
   Oh Yeah....  HAVE FUN?
Then Full Circle Fitness' Yoga Classes  Are Just for YOU!
   Why practice Yoga at Full Circle Fitness?...

 Yoga is good for everybody because it will:

 • Increase flexibility and mobility of the joints
 • Improve balance and strength throughout           the whole body
 • Relieve stress to promote relaxation
 • Help with sleep
 • Promote better muscle recovery after           intense  workouts
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What Our Client's Are Saying About Yoga...
"I never thought I could do yoga before trying it at Full Circle.  The instructors were so welcoming and when I explained I had never done Yoga before went out of their way to show me what to do and give me the attention I needed.  Now I attend several classes per week and don't know how I managed to live without yoga before!"
                                                                                              Angie L, Colonie, NY
"Amazing yoga program. Liz is a great teacher who is always willing to take some time to work with you on the basics and help with any modifications you may need. If you have a particular area you would like to work on, she'll work it into the flow and give some recommendations of poses you can do on your own."              
                                                                                             Stephanie R,  Albany, NY 
"I love the instructors because they have taken so much extra time to help my hips and help me so that I can move more. I will take their class over and over again."                                                                          Robin S,   Voorheesville, NY
 "Love my Wednesday Night Yoga. Such a fun group of ladies and GREAT, caring instructors
                                                                                             Joann M, Colonie, NY
"The first time I tried yoga was at a place where they offered Hot Yoga. I barely lasted 10 minutes before I had to leave the class and though that's how all yoga classes went.  A friend convinced me to give it a try at FCFNY and I quickly found out how wrong I was.  The classes are suitable for all levels including new Yogi's like me and the instructors and others in the class will welcome you with open arms.  If you've ever doubted your ability to do Yoga, doubt no more! FCFNY is the place for you! 
                                                                                               Melissa F. Scotia, NY 
"I had never done yoga in my life but always wondered what it was about.  I gave it a try and now I'm hooked at the ripe old age of 79.  It's helped my mobility and improved my balance.  At 79 years old I no longer worry so much about falling.  LOVE IT!!!
                                                                                                 Roz W.  Guilderland, NY 
Our Fabulous Instructors
Liz Filippone
I have been practicing yoga since 2001 and teaching since 2006. Through my practice and 
fitness training, I believes the more we connect with and listen to our bodies, the more access
 we have toward change in our lives. 

I completed my 500 hour teacher training program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco and have had the honor of studying and training with many teachers of different styles and backgrounds in yoga and the healing arts. 

Liz is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor and NASM Certified Personal Trainer. (A.K.A. Form Freak)

Have Questions?  Please Feel free to email me... or call me at 518-955-6924!

Nadia El-Fawal

Nadia is a Certified Yoga Instructor specializing in working with those who might be a little afraid of Yoga or think they can't do it. 

In my Beginner level class students will marry breath and movement to build strength, balance, flexibility, and a connection with self. 

Each class will feature a variety of poses, breathing techniques, mindfulness and meditation.

Erica, sick of feeling tired and overweight found through a friend, the practice of yoga. Erica soon realized there was much more than exercise that this practiced offered. Not only did it offer a safe place to move and create the confidence she needed to learn to love her body again. She also learned there was so much more to life to cultivate. Yoga became deeply healing and spiritually practice for her. Every time she stepped on the mat was a time to become grounded and centered. Practicing Yoga, lead to rapid changes within Erica’s life not only did she see a major shift in her emotional well-being and it lead to a 100lbs weight loss. Erica was so inspired by what yoga had done for her she wants to  share it with others by teaching them they too can achieve their dreams and change their lives thru Yoga. 

When Erica is not practicing yoga she is spending time with her four children and her husband Jake. Erica wants her students to remember with practice all good things are coming.  

Dan Romand
I started my Yoga Practice in 2002 after finally being "worn down" by a dear friend who tried to get me to do it for years. I was the typical "Guys Don't Do Yoga... Guy" 

Well she was right I got HOOKED after my first session. Not too long after that I was taking 4-5 classes per week and found not only did my balance and flexibility improve but I felt calmer and more at peace. 

Oh did I forget to mention...I am also former “fatty” who weighed in excess of 350 pounds when he first started doing Yoga . I also have a bad knee, 2 bad shoulders and neck issues from years of playing football.  If I can do Yoga,  ANYONE can? 

I became a Certified Instructor in 2011 and have had the pleasure of running hundreds of sessions.  I prefer to keep my session light and "fun" and have been known to crack a few jokes from time to time.. Who say's you can't laugh while doing Yoga. 

Specializing in working with Beginner's my true passion is helping those who've never done Yoga or been afraid to try to find their practice and the peace, joy and tranquility it can bring. 

In addition to being a Yoga Instructor I am also a  Certified Personal Trainer (AFFA) and Certified Nutrition Coach (Pn) who specializes in working with the morbidly obese.

Have questions or concerns?  Feel free to email me...
Ready to Get Started?

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Can I do it? 
YES! Our Yoga Sessions are designed for all levels from beginners to the advanced. Our instructors cater to you and your abilities and focus on teaching you how to do the poses correctly and safely so that you can maximize your enjoyment. First time trying Yoga?  This is the place for you we LOVE introducing Yoga to those that have never done it!

Do I need to Register?
Because we want to ensure our instructors can give each participant the attention and focus they deserve we limit our classes to a maximum of 15. (No cramming 30 or 40 people in a tiny room here!)  We ask that you call our office at 518-955-6924 prior to your first visit to let us know you will be attending. This will also allow us to let the instructors know you are coming as well :)

What Should I Expect In My First Class?
The honest answer is expect to fall in love with Yoga as so many have :)  Having said that each session is different and adapted to those in attendance. As we want to make your first experience the best it can be we ask that you arrive ten minutes early so that the instructor can meet you, learn about you and any injuries you have and help get you setup for your first class.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable workout clothing. You can be barefoot or wear socks during the class. You may wish to bring a blanket for the end of class though it is not required. 

Do I need my own mat?
We strongly urge you to provide your own mat. The one we recommend is: Gaiam
That said if you don't have one.. no worries we have several here for you to use!

Where are You Located?
We are located at 251 New Karner Rd, Colonie NY.   Directions

Is there parking?
We have plenty of parking in the lot right front of our building.

What else should I know?
We know a first class anywhere can be a little nerve-wracking and we go to great lengths to make sure that you are comfortable. Let us know it's your first class and we'll be happy to work with you to learn the poses and adapt them to your level and ability.  Remember that this isn't about anyone but you, so show up ready to just have some 'you' time. 

2 Locations To Serve You:
251 New Karner Rd
Albany, NY 12205
(518) 955-6924
3257 South Broadway (Rt 9)
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
(518) 250-2008
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